For me, the best team in Tunisia !

For me, the best team in Tunisia !

I am a 2nd year college student, who was very lucky to land a one-month internship at VYND. I want to share my experience with you. However, I know that I will fail because the skills I learnt, the relations I built, and the memories I made, are too overwhelming to share in a blogpost. Instead, I will make an attempt to convince you why VYND has the best team in Tunisia, and let you use your imagination to find out how my internship went.  

Statistically, I have weak arguments for my claim (that Vynd has the best team in Tunis). This is because VYND is the only enterprise I have interned with in Tunisia, and it is one that I chose after some research online. Therefore, the sample I use to prove my claim is not only small but also biased. However, every statistical statement comes with a leap of faith, and I wholeheartedly took this leap of faith for the following reasons.   

Prior to being a start-up and a team, Vynd is a family. The support that all give unconditionally to each other, is proof of their familial bonds. No matter who you are and what you do, if you are a Vyndee, then your problems are the team’s problems, and your successes are the team’s successes. That being said, everyone is comfortable to ask questions, voice concerns, or give feedback, which creates an environment of trust and collaboration.  

Because passion is a core value in Vynd, being a Vyndee is not a mere job, it is rather an integral part of life. Everyone does his/her own thing, and enjoys it. Vyndees genuinely appreciate their work, and would do it willingly anytime of the day and anywhere. Many of them have experienced major role shifts, such as from software to design, and from web to iOS. This speaks of how much Vynd values passion. After all, skills can be acquired, but mindset is the Vyndee’s capital.   

Finally, the one condition to the collaboration of a family and the passion of a thousand suns, is love. Because I got to love this team like they all love each other over the past month, I am biased to think that they are the best team in Tunisia. Nonetheless, I am so proud to be biased towards something I found so pure and genuine. At Vynd, Vyndees are valued for being humans, not machines. They are nurtured in an environment where they can try and fail, experience thrilling sensations, and express themselves in their work.  

During this internship, I felt more human, as I was able to connect with my team and my work on deep levels. I also felt that I was taking part in a project with a huge potential, because I was able to witness the growth of Vynd from day to day. Finally, the progress that Vynd accomplished in a few years, is proof that in its spontaneous, impassioned, and genuine environment, you get the best team in Tunisia.  


Haroun Chahed 








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