From Morocco Directly to Vynd Ep#1

From Morocco Directly to Vynd Ep#1

The Extra-Mile Culture  

Episode #1

This is the second time I come to Tunisia. I have already been there as a volunteer in an education program back in 2017. However, now it is different, I am on my final internship at Vynd. During my interview, they told me that the team is quite special and so is the culture. I did not expect it to be “that” special.

On the first day and as I came in the morning, the team were in a coffee shop opposite to the workplace. There I was introduced to the “Vynd Handshake”, and I was like “So that’s what the special culture is about!”

The first thing I had to do was to sit 15 minutes with each coworker -that we call “Vyndee”- to get to know them and to know what they do. It was easy to see how excited they all were to meet me, and know what made me travel all the way from Morocco to Tunisia.

After a few one-to-ones with the team, I got to know more about “Vynd” and how things work over here. I also knew that my working hours were from 9:30 to 18:00. And coming “straight outta university” that seemed like a long day.

The day went on while I was getting to know the people and planning my upcoming tasks. All this was happening while watching the time and waiting for 18:00 to come.

Finally! It was six sharp! I expected to see the whole team rushing to the door. But no! My friend and I were the only ones heading to the door. That was a shock! A Cultural shock.

Later on, being the bold person that I am, I asked some Vyndees why they do not leave at six, is the day not long enough? Aren’t they excited to go out and do other things they like? And the answer was easy: “We like being here.” – “If I’m going to go to a café and sit, I’d rather stay here and progress in the work with the team”.

I always expected work and passion to be on parallel lines, not crossing each other. Unless you are talking about jobs like football player, rock star or actor. Nevertheless, no, I was in front of those special cases that change your perspective.

The conclusion was the following:

Just like Michael Jordan feels great while going to practice, you can feel great going to the office.
Just like Michael Jordan can stay hours after practice on the court, you can stay for some more hours in the office.
And just like Jordan is passionate about Basketball, you can be passionate about your job.

You can tell if a person is passionate about something by how ready they are to go the extra mile, and at Vynd, everybody goes the extra mile.

Salmane Zeroual.

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