The secret RECIPE to ace your job interview!

The secret RECIPE to ace your job interview!

Some people are terrified of arachnids, they panic at the sight of them and get quickly overwhelmed. Other people are afraid of heights, and symptoms associated with this phobia usually include heart racing and anxiety attacks.

While others are helplessly born introverts and socially awkward, this social anxiety revolves around low self-esteem, public speaking disconfort..etc and causes people to avoid social situations including school and work responsibilities which can lead to a drastic influence on one’s career plan and future.

The sad news is that along your career path those symptoms are easily and surprisingly noticeable. For instance, during a job interview, a person cannot help but feel and act upon those indications. But the good news is, social anxiety shouldn’t be a lifelong disorder if you treat it at its earliest stage.

And so today Vynd is providing you with the secret RECIPE on how to kill your low esteem to guarantee you a promising impression on your job interview and at any given time.


How reliable is your background knowledge? Is it a significant asset to close the deal?

Theoretically, the answer is yes! Competency-based interviews are usually the most successful but never overestimate this tool to acing the job of your dreams.

Rehearsal is primary no matter how knowledgeable or familiar you are with the subject matter. We like you prepared. Because a conscientious profile is always more promising than a cultivated playing it safe one whether we like it or not.

Showing up unprepared can be perceived by recruiters that you’re not giving much value to the company or the position of your choice. And by preparation, we’re not requiring anyone to overwork it by spending hours circling the web between relevant but so unnecessary topics.

But it doesn’t make it less crucial to make your research about the business profile, and that you can do by simply reading and following it on social media and getting a sense of its persona.


Bringing eagerness into the job interview proves your desire and excitement about your future role. Your enthusiasm can show through your body gesture and your way with words, this is where you distinguish authentic and honest conversations from overworked impertinent ones.

Stay positive! You sure have heard this before but truth be told, when recruiters ask you about your weaknesses, they’re mainly interested to hear about the way you managed to overcome the setbacks and disappointments.

So don’t focalize on the fact it has knocked you, it’s rather you demonstrate the opportunities those difficulties opened up for you. Questions like these can be tricky but they’re an excellent chance to show optimism and solution-oriented thinking.


 « Skills can be taught, character is forever »

Let the quote speak for itself. Meanwhile, I will proceed by saying that bringing your attitude and authentic self to the table is what will win you the game, but only if you’re sincere to it. And as cliché as this sounds, we ask you to be yourself! Applicants are countless but only few who stay remembered.

Today’s candidates are equally well prepared, it’s your character that will make you stand from the crowd by turning any question into a memorable anecdote. Tell us what makes you special, there’s nothing wrong with exhibiting confidence and attitude on job interviews, I mean especially on job interviews.


We wish to hear that one story that made all the difference, the breaking point that led you to the person you are today.

During your job interview, and just in case you were wondering, giving credits to yourself and demonstrating your own achievements is unquestionably faultless. So you are pretty much the product that’s selling itself, a technique that is not so easy to master. But after all what makes a product so desired from another?

Beyond any business credibility or brand positioning, I mean that did not keep Pepsi from committing one of the biggest marketing scandals of all time. It is about the story that speaks for it, what cause is it defending and what truly gives meaning to its label, its true identity. To inspire is to share stories, values, it is delicate but powerful.


Researchers believe that it takes about 7 seconds to make a great first impression.

It starts with your early arrival and you must have heard it a thousand time but when your dream job is on the line it is worth a mention: Show up on time!

Remarkable candidates are more likely to dress up for the part. Always look your best professionally otherwise wearing your most genuine smile together with a firm handshake will do the trick.

Do not be discouraged to speak your mind. Without being too direct about it, hiring companies prefer to hear the truth, it gives them this strong sense of credibility.


A good communicator equals an active listener! Are you 100% IN the conversation? or are you parallelly fantasizing about lunch?  [Speaking of lunch don’t forget to download Vynd for a subtle choice !]

Active and full listening helps the candidate to develop the right answer. The key is to give in entirely to the speaker instead of thinking of your response to them and do not hesitate to ask questions if anything is not clear, we appreciate you taking the time to understand the case.

Avoid questions like « What does this position/program offers ? » especially if you’re interrogated by CEO things like these change regularly and he is not in the position to know or spear you such details (so you risk to make them look bad).

Another turn-off is the work-life balance questions, not that they don’t matter but frankly they’re one of those things you are supposed to figure out before you apply.


We hope this helps, good luck with your interviews 🙂

Written by: Sirine Rezgui

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