Twenty four seven looking for a heaven

Twenty four seven looking for a heaven

I reached the coffee shop and was stressing

asking for a blessing should

it be what I am guessing?
 hence I am feeling it progressing
 it’s nine the opportunity is mine
 blood boiling I should confine
 engaging the to felt like devastating a front line
 I will decline! no room for a resign
 I said it’s time to shine  and everything will be fine (No)
 future is God’s design but success is in my bloodline
 joining Vynd  team  was like finding a gold mine
meeting the team was the daydream
CEO said that they were the main theme
sweet like an ice cream
funny like a meme
they welcomed the new supreme
it’s a bloodstream if you know what I mean
but it doesn’t seem cause you haven’t seen Vynd  team
I pledge loyalty onward, and for the eternity I shall raise my sword
ask help from my lord, point the blade toward
annihilate the hater spinal cord and then carve his name on the board
and I won’t stop until a new record is scored
I won’t  afford to lose such world so I kept my words
it looks weird and absurd
when Love is our keyword
Written by: Selmi Zaid
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